Bridger Bowl Stats and Facts

Bridger Bowl is Bozeman’s well-loved “hometown” ski hill. Located just 16 miles from Downtown Bozeman, Bridger Bowl Ski Area offers wold-class skiing just a short drive from town. Read more to learn about Bridger Bowl Stats and Facts.

Bridger Bowl Stats and Facts: Bridger bowl stats and facts

  • Year opened: 1988
  • Vertical rise: 2,700 ft (2,600 lift served)
  • Skiable terrain: 2,000 acres
  • Top elevation: 8,800 ft.
  • Highest lift served elevation: 8,700 ft.
  • Number of trails: 75 + many unmarked trails
  • Average annual snowfall: 350 inches
  • Longest run: 3 miles
  • Lift systems: one quad, 6 triple and one double chair lifts
  • Snowmaking on 5% of total area

There are many Bridger Bowl Stats and Facts at may be of interest to skiers and snowboarders. Bridger Bowl is positioned on the East slope of the Bridger Mountain Range. It boasts four large bowls, gullies, chutes, wide open runs and a terrain park. The mountain forms a sort of large “V” shape that is 200 yards in width along the base area and two miles wide across the ridge. Bridger Bowl Ski Area is perfect for skiers and snowboarders of any skill level, offering a variety of lift-served terrain.

Bridger Bowl’s Ridge Terrain offers expert terrain. It is mostly accessed by hiking up to the ride of the mountain from the top of the Bridger or Schlasman’s chairlifts. Featuring steep chutes, rock cliffs, and snow fields which may end in cliffs which are often unmarked.

History of Bridger Bowl Ski Area:

Bridger Bowl was first opened in 1988 and is run as a non-profit ski area. To get to Bridger Bowl from Bozeman, simply drive 16 miles North from Downtown Bozeman on highway 86/ Bridger Canyon Drive. Both the ski area and mountain range where is it located were named after Jim Bridger.

The Baxter Hotel in Downtown Bozeman on Main Street alerts Bozemanites of fresh snow by flashing a blue light atop the building anytime the ski area receives two or more inches of snowfall.