Is Now A Good Time To Sell My Bozeman Home?

Not surprisingly, many of our clients want to know when they should list their Bozeman home. Here are the top 3 reasons our Bozeman listing agents are telling our clients to sell their home now.


Spring has traditionally been the best time to sell a home in Bozeman for many reasons. Spring is when the most buyers are looking. Families want to be settled before school starts in the fall. The days are longer making it easier make the most use of the time required to move. And finally, the weather plays a huge factor in a buyer’s motivation. It is much more pleasant to move in warm weather than the harsh cold of winter.

Low Inventory

Currently, we are seeing a steady decline in the number of homes listed for sale in Bozeman. As of this week, inventory levels have dropped 37% since July. This reduction in inventory is leading to pent up buyer demand. Bozeman Homes are selling faster and at a premium price compared to other parts of the state.

Low Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are at an all time low, making it an extremely attractive time for buyers to make a home purchase in Bozeman. For sellers that plan on financing their next home, selling before interest rates increase and then purchasing while interest rates are still low, is also an advantage.

Please schedule an appointment with one of Black Diamond Montana’s listing agents, and let us help you get your Bozeman home ready to sell.

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