Bozeman Urban Renewal Districts

Bozeman Urban Renewal Districts-thThere are 5 Urban Renewal Districts in Bozeman. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) provides a means to finance public urban renewal activities that assist and enhance private development opportunities within the district. The districts reinvest property tax money from new development into improvements in the area.

Bozeman Urban Renewal Districts:

  • Downtown Tax Increment District
  • Midtown Urban Renewal District
  • North Park Urban Renewal District
  • Northeast Neighborhood Urban Renewal District
  • South Bozeman Technology District

Bozeman is one of the country’s fastest growing communities. Bozeman’s growth, coupled with Bozeman’s unparalleled access to public lands, economic maturity, and a world-class university have garnered the town a national reputation as one of the most desirable communities to work and live.

This growth and fast-paced expansion threatens to undermine the small town charm and outdoor qualities that define Bozeman.

Bozeman’s Urban Renewal Districts are spearheading the re-development and improvement of several important areas of Bozeman.

The intent of the Bozeman Midtown District is to attract targeted private investment to support infill, increase density – with an emphasis on building more housing, provide retail that serves surrounding residents, and enhance transportation and walkability. As a Tax Increment Finance District, the city’s goal is to increase the taxable value of the area to provide a more robust tax base for the entire community.

Spearheaded by the Midtown Urban Renewal District, the North 7th Avenue corridor is seeing an insurgence of new businesses. Real estate developers and investors are excited by the opportunities that Bozeman’s Midtown District offers.

With preservation of our unique landscape and cultural heritage in mind, a local, grassroots steering committee formed to address these challenges in Bozeman’s Northeast Neighborhood. In early 2017, the committee’s members—with the support of the community—submitted a formal application to the American Institute of Architects for a Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT) project.

The application was approved, specifically to address Bozeman’s Northeast Neighborhood (NE)–an area that encompasses the Northeast Urban Renewal District (NEURD), the Rouse Corridor, the historical rail yard, and Story Mill Park.

Bozeman Urban Renewal Districts Map

Bozeman Urban Renewal Districts