Bozeman Midtown

Bozeman’s Midtown District surrounds Bozeman’s North 7th Avenue corridor. It is one of 5 Bozeman Urban Renewal Districts. The intent of the Bozeman Midtown District is to attract targeted private investment to support infill, increase density – with an emphasis on building more housing, provide retail that serves surrounding residents, and enhance transportation and walkability. As a Tax Increment Finance District, the city’s goal is to increase the taxable value of the area to provide a more robust tax base for the entire community.

Spearheaded by the Midtown Urban Renewal District, the North 7th Avenue corridor is seeing an insurgence of new businesses. Real estate developers and investors are excited by the opportunities that Bozeman’s Midtown District offers.

Focusing on housing and retail, the plan centers around urban density and infill. Sidewalks and bike lanes are being expanded to make walking and biking easier, and with new entertainment options like The ELM Music Venue, and two new breweries, midtown is going to be a desirable locale for locals and visitors alike.

Bozeman Midtown Urban Renewal District Map

Bozeman Midtown Urban Renewal District

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