The ELM Music Venue Bozeman

The ELM Music Venue Bozeman photo courtesy Logjam Presents

The ELM is a 1,500-capacity music venue in located in Midtown Bozeman. The ELM is backed by Logjam Presents, the same company behind Missoula’s Top Hat and Wilma Theater as well as the Kettlehouse amphitheater. It will be located on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Short Street, just south of the RSVP Motel.

The ELM has been designed with the whole concert experience in mind. While architectural aesthetics are a critical component of a Logjam venue, it must be done in the context of great functional design. Effective customer circulation, safe and secure entry points and efficient concession design were the driving considerations in designing the ELM.

Logjam believes that quality acoustics, superior production, and consistent concertgoer view lines are essential components of a great concert experience. The ELM will deliver all three. The design team of Logjam has worked tirelessly to provide Bozeman the ultimate performance space for our customers to experience their favorite artists.

The building will set back from the street to allow for long lines and crowds. In the building’s interior, there will be a sloping pit similar to The Wilma and a general congregation area with a bar. The second floor will have a large outdoor terrace and an indoor wraparound balcony with additional seating.

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