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The Current Real Estate Market vs. The 2008 Housing Crash

Mar 31, 2020 Finance, Market Insights, Market Trends
Current Real Estate Market vs. 2008 Housing Crash

Many people remember The Great Recession, also known as the 2008 Housing Crash. Given the likelihood that we are heading into another recession(if we are not already in one), people are concerned that home prices will go down 20% or more in the coming months or years. The “United States housing bubble” was a real

Bozeman New Development Projects

May 24, 2018 Bozeman Information, Bozeman Real Estate Blog, Data Center, Lifestyle, Market Trends

There are numerous new development projects underway in Bozeman, Montana. One is for six-story multi-use building in Downtown Bozeman, the other for a new concert venue in the Mid-Town area on North Seventh Avenue.  The proposed multi-use development will be a six-story building on Mendenhall. The project has been presented by Andy Holloran and HomeBase Montana.

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