Bozeman Real Estate Market Reports

Bozeman Housing Market Trends

Bozeman Real Estate Market Trends continue to demonstrate high buyer demand with very low inventory of properties for sale. The result of strong buyer demand and limited inventory is resulting in an increase in prices. In order to get an accurate analysis of housing trends in Bozeman, our market reports are segmented by Single Family Homes and Condominiums. These reports are presented as downloadable PDF files for your convenience. Please contact our Bozeman Real Estate Agents to learn more about market trends in various Bozeman Neighborhoods. We also have market reports for the following areas: Big Sky Real Estate Market Reports, Belgrade Real Estate Market Reports.

Bozeman Demographics

The 2010 census put Bozeman’s population at 37,280 and by 2016 the population rose to 45,250, making it the fourth largest city in Montana.






Schools in Bozeman

Bozeman’s schools are just one of the many reasons families choose to live here. The Bozeman School System has several top rated schools, both public schools and private schools. The Bozeman public school system is divided into individual School Districts. For additional information and maps of the school boundaries view our article on Bozeman School Districts. Bozeman School District zones are subject to change. Please contact our Bozeman Real Estate Agents to learn more about each district, and options for homes in various Bozeman Neighborhoods.

Bozeman Weather

Bozeman is the sunniest city in Montana, averaging over 300 sunny days per year. Bozeman’s average annual precipitation is 16.23 inches. Humidity is low in both summer and winter. Due to the dry climate, summers are pleasant with warm days and cool nights. Mild winter weather in Gallatin Valley is not unusual, and more than a week of consistently frigid weather is increasingly infrequent.

Located at 45°40′40″N, the length of the day varies significantly over the course of the year. The shortest day is December 21 with 8:41 hours of daylight; the longest day is June 20 with 15:42 hours of daylight. Learn more about Bozeman’s Climate.

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